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What we do

You have an idea, a concept, a project? Hey-we DESIGN and ART DIRECT projects. It's like we were MADE for each other! 

We have a ridiculously experienced creative team which loves the challenge of production design, research, conceptualization, visualization, CAD, storyboard, set design, art direction, model making.  
Basically, if you need something bringing to life, from Aardvark-design to Zebra-modelling, we are the team for you. It’s what we love to do. We do it brilliantly, to a budget, and we do it extremely quickly if there are coffee or biscuits involved.

Without blowing our own trumpets we should let you know that we designed and built the sets for  ‘Fifi Flower Tot’s’, production-designed docu-dramas for the BBC, such as ‘The Slavery Business’ and have waved our magic wands and magic hammers over more TV commercials than you've had hot dinners (slight exaggeration).




We’ve production designed and art directed on numerous short films for stop frame animation and live action.


In 2009 we co-produced BAFTA winning short film ‘September’ with writer/director Esther May Campbell. She kept the statuette, but we got the T-shirts.

We do TV. Whirlwind has production designed and art directed numerous TV shows.


We also created, designed and delivered 52 episodes of our very own children’s TV series, 'Bottom Knocker Street' to CiTV. It nearly killed us, but we did it! We really got through the biscuits on that one.

If you spend any time in front of a TV, then chances are, you've seen commercials we have designed.


Our work has lodged

subliminally in your mind and might be responsible for your home being full of stuff you didn't think you needed. Sorry. But, on the other hand we’ve been able to develop some fantastic skills.

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